Saturday, January 22, 2011

| ada soalan,ada jawapan |


jawab je.asalkan rase nak jujur.
(1) 3 Names in Your Inbox Cellphone 
22001 - friend finder :P

(2) Your Main Ringtone
Default: Hatin in da club by RIhanna
Message: cahaya cinta by ebith nunu

(3) What U Did At 12 Last Night? 

chatting + blogging + facebooking

(4) Who Was The Last Person You Went Out With? Where?
zila.baru kejap.taman layang-layang,kepong

(5) The Color 0f The T-Shirt You’re Wearing? Now?

(6) The Last Thing U Did? 

marah owner keta yang park senget tadi.

(7) 3 of Your Everyday Favorite Items 


(8) The Color of Your Bedroom?

(9) How Much Money in Your Wallet Now?

(10) How’s Life?

(11) Your Favorite Song?
rapuh by opick

(12) What Will You Do Next Weekend?
packing for next journey! yeayyyyy :)

(13) When Was The Last Time You Saw Your Mom?
Last weekend.

(14) Where Is She Now?
@ home redi for solat

(15) When Was The Last Time You Talked To Your Parent?
just now.on phone :)

(16) Who Is The Last Person That Texted You?

(17) Where Did You Have Dinner Last Night?
restoran bismillah,kosas ampang

(18) The Last Surprise You Got?
last nite. about back together..ergghhhh~ :P

(19) Last Thing You Borrowed From Your Friend
duet kot! dari nuyu nak isi minyak keta..hehe

(20) Who is Your Bf/Gf Or Husband/Wife?
BF : tettttttt~
BFF : hehehehe rmai~

(21) What Do You Feel Now?

(22) Wanna Share With Who?

(23) Who Knows Your Secret?
org yg ley smpan rahsia saya

(24) They Keep Your Secret?


(25) Are You Angry With Someone?

(26) What do you order at McD?

(27) The Last Time You Felt So Sad?
still sad..apakah?! :P

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